Monday, July 24, 2006

Going to the pool for a swim this summer?

Well before you take a dip here's a tip

As a child, I remember my Mother (retired Nurse) saying to me, "Now, remember to take some Club Soda with you & rinse your hair with it real good before & after your swim, ya hear!"

Yes, it is best to wet your hair before swimming to slow down chlorine absorption but instead of using tap water - get some Club Soda and rinse your hair with that before and after your swim - regardless of your hair type, straight, short, colour treated, curly, coily, wavy etc...

Why? ... The Chlorine used in swimming pools forms a copper-rich bleach, Club soda neutralizes this bleach and washes it out of your hair before it can turn greenish, dry & brittle. Not just that but it is also best to avoid products that contain metallic salts as this mixed with the Chlorine can disturb the natural oil (sebum) production of the scalp and may lead to instant dryness, itchy scalp & coarse split ends.

For further information about copper in swimming pool water click here

Enjoy your dip & don't forget our Spa date in a weeks time!
(see previous blog entry for details)